Trek Gift Voucher

Our Quad Trek gift voucher is the ideal gift to give. All treks are led by our very own guide which will take you across varied terrains that lead you out to explore the Clog.
Do not expect to be clean at the end of your trek as there is plenty of mud involved.

We only supply a helmet, you will need to bring suitable clothing, gloves, optional waterproofs and footwear, boots, wellies or waders. No trainers are allowed.

Dates are subject to availability. Please check the website or email us at [email protected] or fill in our contact form and get booked after the purchase of your quad trek gift voucher. All vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Quad treks take place on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the following times:



– Each trek time is 3 hours long.

– We currently have a maximum of 3 people. This will change in the future.

– Minimum rider age is 16 years old, but younger ages can be considered with experience and ability

– You must arrive 15mins prior to the trek so we can get you kitted out and briefed on how to use the ATV. We want you to have the maximum amount of time on the ATV.

What we provide:


Instructor guidance on quad bike use, off-roading technique and riding.

What we do not provide:


Safety glasses


Boots, wellies or waders. NO TRAINERS

Please come suitably dressed for the activity, there will be mud, rocks, stones, water and various gradients. We recommend wellies, walking boots, and anything that will give you ankle support, we will not permit anyone to undertake a trek without suitable footwear or clothing.