Quad Bike Treks
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Welcome to Drumclog Quad Treks

Drumclog off-road centre which is one of the premier off-roading sites in the UK. We offer quad treks over the 1200 acres of land with various types of terrain including woodland area, steep inclines and declines, river crossings and plenty of mud and bogs.

We have something for everyone, whether it be your first time on an ATV or you have experience on them before.

Our quad treks are designed for anyone over the age of 16 years old due to the size of our ATV’s and the nature of the areas we may take you on the trek.

If you want to try something new, have a day out with your family or an adventurous day with your friends then click book a quad bike trek.

Drumclog is approximately 30 miles from Glasgow and 60 miles from Edinburgh.

Drumclog off-road centre, Stoneyhill Farm, Drumclog ML10 6RG